Thursday, July 28, 2011

Somewhere to put our JUNK!

I hated the fact that everytime We came in the house our shoes got kicked off under the counter and our keys, wallet, purse, mail, gum, chapstick.....(the list is NEVER ending) all ended up on the counter! So I solved this problem in a very cute way (atleast I think so). I saw this idea in the blog world somewhere, please forgive me for not remembering where! All I did was buy crates from Joann (the big ones were $11 and I already had the small ones) painted them red to match the kitchen (which I adore) nailed them to the wall and TA-DA the cutest "catch all" you have ever seen :)

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


(Found this from my girl Brittney @

I will be trying to post this every Wednesday to let you all know the things I am loving this week :)

  • I am loving Pinterest... It's seriously becoming a problem! Follow me here :)

  • I am loving Ally McBeal! I was too little to watch when it was on tv, so I am watching it now on Netflix. I made it to episode 37 of 111... one day I might finish!

  • I am loving my Bounce Dryer Bar! I always forget to put a dryer sheet in when I'm doing laundry and this totally solves that problem!

  • I am loving that I get to go camping this weekend with my girl Brittney and my family! I def need a some time away, My life has been a little out of control these days!

  • I am loving that I painted my kitchen red a few weeks ago. The hubs wasn't OVERLY excited about this but now he thinks it looks great!

  • I am loving that I finally started this blog!

  • I am loving this picture of Lex and I at Town Square this past Sunday. Don't we look adorable :)

and finally I am loving my amazing hubby and the life we share :)

Hello there!!

Welcome to our little corner of the internet world! I will be using this space to update you all on the crazy life that we are living :)

Little background info:
Justin and I met in the summer of 2004 while working at the Safekey program for City of Boulder City. We instantly fell in love (like in all those terrible chick flicks we all love watching) and the rest is history! We were married in December of 2007, Momma wasn't kidding when she said "relationships are hard work"... we have been through many ups and downs, but we are stronger than ever! We were sealed in the Las Vegas temple in May 2009, We love our Heavenly Father with our whole hearts and try everyday to make him proud of what he created in us. I truly believe a strong foundation in the church is what makes our marriage so perfect. Forever will never be enough time to have with eachother :) Read more about us in the tabs above!

We bought our first home in September of 2010, and OH BOY has it been a lot of work!!! But we are slowly making it into a B-E-A-UTIFUL place to rest our sleepy heads at night. We do not have any kids just yet but are plan is to start preparing in 8 months. Ahhhh!!!

Well there you have it... I will do my best to blog about ourselves often! Thanks for stopping by :)