Thursday, January 26, 2012

Tipful Thursday

 This weeks tip is one you are REALLY going to want to remember.... when thinking up your life plans don't set a specific number to how many kids you want to have. Hubby and I have been saying for a while now that we only wanted to have 1 kid. One and Done we would say. Yesterday we went to our first ultrasound and we were soooo excited to see our little bean for the first time and then we got the shock of our's a boy, actually make that 2 boys! We are having twins!!!
 We are so happy! Very nervous and a little scared... but mostly just happy!I don't think it really hit me until last night when I was falling asleep, you see I am a list maker. I like to make lists for everything! So since we found out we had a little bundle of joy on the way as I'm falling asleep I make lists in my head. All the things we need to buy, names that I liked, health care plans to look up, things I want to do to the nursery. So last night as I 'm falling asleep I start making a list... Pick out a new crib (the one I wanted it too big to have 2 in the same room), pick out another name, update our registry so it shows 2 of everything... omg 2 babies... I am having 2 BABIES!!!! I'm still sorta in shock! I couldn't be more happy though.

For lots more updates on the boys (ahhhh 2 boys) please visit Justin's blog:

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