Wednesday, October 26, 2011


This week I am loving:

  • that the weather is starting to get very nice! Which means we can spend time outside without melting :)

  • that I have 1 more day of work and then I am off for 10 days! Woo! I plan on getting a million things done next week... here's hoping I actually do!

  • that Monday we went to a pumpkin carving contest ste up by our friends the Lawrence's and even though our pumpkins totally sucked we still had alot of fun!

  • that this weekend we get to go to my dad's carshow, a BBQ with friends, and a halloween party! Lots to do but it will be so much fun.

  • that I am getting my hair did on Friday by my incredible little sister!

and like everyday I am loving my amazing family and friends. The incredible life I share with my husband and all the wonderful things that are happening in our little corner of the world :)

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


This week I am loving:

  • that my girl Brittney came back to jazzercise!! Woo hoo!

  • that tonight I am going to Kayla's "Witches only" Halloween treat making party!

  • this weekend we get to hang out with our adorable niece and nephew.

and as always I am loving my incredible husband and family :)

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Tipful Thursday

My tip for this week is not a beauty tip, home improvement tip, or cleaning tip. I want to focus on the relationships we all have with our family.

Last night Victoria (the baby sister) and I went to Alexis' (the middle sister) graduation from the public speaking course she has been taking. We got there a few minutes late which resulted in us not sitting near eachother. The instructor had Alexis stand up and introduce her guests and say something nice about us. Alexis said " I love that you are my best friends and you are cute." It made me feel very special and I am sure Victoria did as well. So as it started and I realized it was going to be long and possibly slighty boring I texted Victoria "Why do we have to be such supportive sisters?" she responded "Good question".

After the class was over we went to Bj's for dinner. We talked and laughed and then laughed some more (I thought I was blind. haha) . When I got home I was telling the hubs about our night and how much fun I had. I realized that I am so blessed to have such a strong relationship with my baby sisters. Now I realize most siblings are close but I would bet almost no one has the bond that the three of us have. I know that if I ever need anything I can turn to them and they will do everything in their power to help me, I pray that they feel the same way about me. And that answered my question from above, we are supportive because we love eachother. It wasn't something super important that Alexis did, but it was important to her, which made it important to Victoria and I.

They are more than just my sisters, they are my best frineds, my support system, my favorite childhood memories, my safe place. "As long as I'm living..."

So my tip would be... nurture the relationship you have with your family. Not just your siblings, but your moms, dads, granparents, aunt, uncles, cousins, everyone. These are the people you turn to when your world is upside down or when you just need a good laugh. So call up someone in your family and go hang out together!!!


This week I am loving:

  • that I got to see my little sister Alexis graduate from her public speaking class last night. She is turning into such a beautiful grown up woman :)

  • that Halloween is almost here, which means Thanksgiving is just around the corner, which means CHRISTMAS!!!!

  • that Justin went to the doctor yesterday and his knee is doing fantastic and he no longer needs to go to PT (he just has to do his stretches at home), which means no more paying $40 a week! woo hoo!

  • that Justin's company picnic is this weekend! It is a huge event, tons of free food and games, and lots of sweet prizes! Wish us luck that we win something amazing :)

And as always I am loving my life and all the amazing people that share it with me.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Last minute decisions...

This weekend I had to go to Cali for a jazzercise meeting. It was 5 hours away and I had to be there early Saturday morning. So my amazing husband said he would drive down with me SUPER early Sat. find something to do while I was in my meeting (which was 7 hours) and then drive all the way back home. Did I mention that he is amazing?

So that was the plan.... well Friday night we met our friend Brittney for dinner. On our way back home Justin suggested that we call the hotel my meeting was at and see if they had any open rooms and maybe we would just drive down Friday. I was ALL for this idea! The last thing I wanted to do was get up drive down there, be in the meeting forever, and drive home.

I called and sure enough they still had rooms!

Well then Justin said he was going to take me to Disneyland! I almost wet my pants in excitement! You see I have a deep love for Disneyland, something that was engraved in me as a very young child. We always went to Disneyland as a family and made some great memories there.

The only problem was we made this decision at about 9:00pm, I quickly called my wonderful little sister Victoria and she agreed to come stay with the furry children. We left the house at 10:00, got to the hotel, checked in, and went to sleep at 4:00am. Then I was up for my meeting at 9:00am, spent the day jazzercising, went to a tasty pizza dinner with my love, tried to watch Cars 2 but it was TOO BORING!!, and then to bed we went at 11:00pm. Our alarm went off at 6:00am and off we went an hour later we were pulling into Disneyland. It was so much fun to spend the day with my husband! We rode tons of rides and ate lots of delicious food. Unfortunately we didn't get to stay longer, at 5:00pm we were on our way home, pulled into the garage at 9:30 and were getting into bed at 11:30! Whew... what a crazy, busy, but totally awesome weekend! Thank you babe for being so good to me! I love you to the moon and back :)

This is me totally kicking butt on the Buzz ride:

And the picture on "the steps" for mom:

Haunted House making

Last Monday we had some friends over for a Haunted House decorating party! I can't take credit for setting this event up, Kayla LOVES Halloween and has planned lots of fun things for us all to do as a group! So to help Kayla out a little we offered to have this even at our house. It was so much fun! This is our house below:

I allowed Justin to decorate the back of the house how ever he wanted... this is what I got:

The finished Houses:

And the winners are......(drum roll please) Meagan and Justin!!!