Wednesday, January 11, 2012


This week I am loving:

That on Thursday last week I got to hear our sweet babies heartbeat again! The doctor says everything is looking great. I have only gained 4ish pounds so far! Woo!! We have our first ultra sound on the 25th, we should be able to find out if we should start buying tiaras or basketballs :)

Today we are officially at 16 weeks and I am starting to feel a little better... minus the heartburn, back aches, and AWFUL headaches! My energy level is starting to get back to normal. Maybe now I will actually start working on the dang nursery!

I seriously have the best baby sisters in the whole world! Victoria is like my little shopping buddy, I love that I can almost always count on her to come along with me. I hate shopping alone and it's so much fun to get to hang out with her just the two of us! Alexis is one of the funniest, sweetest, caring people I know. She is living with the hubs and I right now and it has been sooo much fun! Justin tells me all the time he isn't sure what he was thinking agreeing to this arrangement. But I think we are hilarious together!

I am getting my hair done this weekend by the beautiful Alexis. Can't wait!

Saturday we went to our friends the Erickson's house for dinner and games. We never made it to the games but we did stay at there house until 4 am talking! Which meant Sunday we spent the entire day in bed with headaches! We still had lots of fun though :)

My mom is home from school right now... you can say it, "You're Mom goes to college". Yes, she does and I am so proud of her! Like I said she is on a break right now which means I get to see her at lunch everyday. It's so nice to get to just sit and talk with her. I so love that I have a wonderful mom to share this amazing time in my life with.

and as always I am loving my husband. He is the greatest man I could have ever asked for. He is so good to me and the growing bean. I am very blessed to have him.

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